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This article is not about technical information or translations of the Maya’s murals but my experience being written down in this space. Palenque I have to say is one of my favorite places in the world sharing the podium with Machu Picchu in Peru, Poseidon Temple in Greece, and Vlad Teples castle in Rumania. All of them have one thing in common it is that you can enjoy of the magnificent archeological structures in the middle of natural landscapes and with a difference where you can enjoy of the place and the nature without worry for the next tourist guy pushing back of you to share the same perspective. Palenque is a great place; I would say it could be taken out of the oldest fairy tale in earth.

But let’s start with how you can get there. Palenque located in the middle of the woods of Chiapas city. It is recommended to take one of the small towns around Chiapas as logistic point. I choose a small and beautiful town called “San Cristobal de Las Casas” highly recommended place. From there is possible to buy tours to Palenque with fairs prices, try to get yours tickets as soon as you arrive to the bus station.

The roads to Palenque are very curvy and narrow, in other words it is not easy to drive but don’t worry you are under the hands of experts and very familiar with this roads Mexican drivers. On our way to Palenque we could see that the Mayas decedents still living in the woods, you can see a bunch of them selling handmade clothes and natural food. Something got my attention is that meanwhile every passenger inside the ban feel how theirs nerves get to the top watching how dangerous is the road; there are a lot of Mayas walking one behind other at the edge of the roads making their ordinary life, going to school, to work or whatsoever their destiny could be. 

 You better get asleep if you don’t want to get sick, as I mentioned there are around four hours of continue driving and the weather is too hot with high portions of moisture.   

 Once you arrive to the National Park of Palenque you can feel or pretend to feel something special because your mind is telling you in this place Mayas used to live, fight, predict, make sacrifices and all is about this special civilisation one of the most important in Mexico and the world.

 The firs pyramid you can see is the Palace, a pyramid made of several constructions from where can over come the Observatory one, I got astonished. It is impossible not to think in how they could build this city in the middle of nowhere, their technology was so advance and until unknown for us in modern times. The Palace is amazing, from there is possible to watch the whole city and beyond. Inside this pyramid you get amazed on how perfect architectonically they were.


To the left of the Palace pyramid there is a small field where Mayas used to play the ball game based in get a stoned ball into a circle target. The winners got the privilege to get sacrificed. This is the only part of Palenque got me disappointed I thought it would be a bigger zone.

Another great pyramid is the Inscriptions pyramid, considered the most important in Palenque where inscriptions were written making honor to the ancients besides of another relevant inscriptions to remember from this ethnic group.


They also had an aqueduct from where they supplied clean water for the whole city.


 Other pyramids are the Sun Temple, Lion Temple, Cross Temple and Earl’s temple.

  • Conclusions: One of the worthiest places to visit in Mexico
  • Recommendations: Bring cold water to Palenque and try the regional Mexican food in Palenque is incredible tasty.
  • Curiosities: The weather is so unpredictable be prepared for everything.


Cross pyramidCross pyramidInside Palace pyramidInside Palace pyramidInscriptions pyramidInside Palace pyramidObservatoryDSC_0182