There is one magical beautiful place in Mexico called “La Huasteca Potosina” the word Potosina comes from the city where it is located called San Luis Potosi. In there you can find is a series of several waterfalls between a quite big rain forest in the montains as well as so many touristic natural and not natural attractions. This time I will focus in a very exotic or weird place, depends of the perspective of each of us, that is called “The Sir Edward James’ Castle” or “The Sir Edward James’ Pozas[1]”

Edward (1907 – 1984) was born in United Kingdom and well known for poet and surrealism art works, his most recognize surrealism work was in “la Huasteca” in Mexico.  Las Pozas were created 2000 feet above sea level, close to eh Xilitla town. It is seven hours drive of Mexico city.

Edward moved from Los Angeles to Mexico looking for a romantic place where to express himself with a surrealism piece of art. Eventually he got married with a local woman and between 1949 and 1984 built Las Pozas which cost more than $5 millions. Today the place is owned by the government of San Luis Potosi caring of the preservation of the place.

To get there by car can be a little exhausted because of the tendencies of the road, divided in first by a long straight line road and second by a curvy stretch way up in the mountains.

It is not easy to find the correct paths to each main place in the Huasteca because of the bad advertising on the road; anyway you can always reach your final destiny asking to the friendly Mexican people.

After a couple of hours and get lost several time me and my family arrive to our destiny between the rain. What your eyes see is something amazing, unreal or well said completely full of surrealism, hard to understand and associated all together as a piece of art.

It is amazing how Edward got to the friendly union of the nature and the human art, where tons of concrete enjoy of natural waterfalls and the water caresses concrete walls.

Edward not only with “Las Pozas” shows you art, but also gets you involved in a funny adventure between risky bridges, narrow paths, ramps and from the easy to going through to the most scary one remembering you that vertigo feeling all of us at least had once in the life.  

Curiosities: By the time I didn’t have a camera so all the photos are from internet.

Recommendations: Bring an umbrella

[1] Pozas = Puddles

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