One of the symbols in Skopje is a bridge called The Stone Bridge (Камен мост) built between 1451 and 1469 and is an Ottoman era bridge which also was incorporated in the city shield. It connects the center of Skopje to the Old Bazaar.

The Old Bazaar as the name show us is composed of many narrow streets and small stores where you can buy from an ice cream to any kind of traditional clothes. Also it is possible to find mosques. In Macedonia there are many Muslims.

The main square is not too big in one side there is a tourist center, what in USA we all know as a mall. Also beside there are some olds and news contrasting buildings side by side and statues showing us the old Macedonian leaders.

This square is also used for festivities, I had the pleasantly surprise of enjoy the Regional Macedonian Promotional Day (промотивни денови на регионите). Where you could enjoy of food-tasting and folklore music dances.

If you want to see folklore dances follow the next link:

Another video.

Close to the main square there are a lot of restaurants and places where the Macedonian used to have a good time, also some supermarkets, statues and there is one place you can notice from the distance because you can see Yugoslavia’s flags and posters with a phrase in small letters:

  • сојуз на титови леви сили  (Union of Tito’s Left Forces)

Those flags and memorials are outside the old train station, now the rests of it seems to being used as museum. It stopped being used as a train station because on July 26, 1963 an earthquake with a 6.1 magnitude occurred and killed more than 1,000 people and more than 200,000 people left homeless. About 80% of the city was destroyed.

Beside the train station and when you go across the old railway track you can see in the left side of the bad damaged station and with a white written letters, one memorial announce which says:

скопје доживеа невиден катастрофа но скопје

повторно ке го изградим со помоцта на цепата

наша засаш

тоа ке стане орцост н симбоа

братствого и единството на у саовенската

27 јчаи 1963 јодина тит

*This is one translation I made with the help of the Internet, the translations is not clear enough

Skopje experienced an unprecedented disaster but Skopje
will re-build with the stepping pomocta our zasash
it will become slightly orcost simboa
bratstvogo and unity among saovenskata.
July 27 1963 jodina Titus

I tried to do a deepest research and could find videos from the disaster; here I show one of them:

For more information visit: